Ghostly presence is revealed by a selfie


There’s a great amount of supernatural and terror stories related for many years with the house of the culture of the municipality of Caldas, in Medellín, Colombia. In the testimonies reported by several visitors, the recurring presence of a great variety of ghosts in that place is evident, among which the one of a woman with a really frightening look stands out.

A play with paranormal effects

This time it was the turn of a young actress named Pamela Castañeda, who was doing an essay for a play, not knowing that she was going to be surprised by the paranormal effects that that scenario had. During the practice nothing unusual would happen, however, when she finished her job, Pamela decided to close with a selfie inside the enclosure, catching the silhouette of an inadvertent ghost.

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At first the actress didn’t realize what was happening and believed that she had taken a common photo. But several hours later when she decided to share the photo with her followers on social networks, she noticed a great detail, which she would’ve overlooked. As she zoomed in on the photo she could see that she wasn’t completely alone as she thought.

All her fans were witnessed how in the photo you can clearly see the presence of a paranormal entity next to her. It is a woman who appears sitting like her in one of the seats. This strange appearance was of great impact for Pamela. Because she was always stalked by a spirit that could’ve hurt her and she didn’t realize it until several hours later.

To make matters worse, there are several stories about appearances of a woman with the same characteristics for several years in the House of Culture of Caldas, as well as several more spectra that are already part of the popular idiosyncrasy of Medellin. But apparently it is the first time that one of these sneaks into a selfie of a famous person.

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