Will Nibiru bring a devastating earthquake to our planet?

¿Traerá Nibiru consigo un terremoto devastador para nuestro planeta?

The planet will have a big earthquake over Nibiru
Many people fear about Nibiru’s arrival in our solar system, the problem is that some subjects, including conspirators, already claim that Nibiru has time in our universe and has caused much damage in space and on planet earth. The Sumerians said that planet X is a giant celestial body that would cause great damage just by approaching the earth, and scientists corroborate this information with recent studies in space.

Experts have been finding extrasolar objects in our solar system and were able to discover them due to the strange state of their orbit. The only feasible explanation they have for understanding this situation is that a giant body caused them to be located on this side of the galaxy. For some this is not important, but in reality, the presence of these stellar objects totally changes the belief of scientists and harms the earth.

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Earthquake caused by Nibiru’s impact will destroy the land
David Meade, a Christian prophet, maintains that it is only in 2018 that Nibiru will make an impact on the earth and he finds it very strange that the scientific community has not mentioned this catastrophic event that promises to destroy the entire planet. Bible prophecies and messages from countless prophets about the existence and shock of Nibiru are sufficient evidence to be alarmed by the end of humanity.

If Nibiru collides with the earth, it will not only destroy half of the planet with the impact, but it will also generate natural disasters through the gravitational combination of this gigantic celestial body and ours. An earthquake will pass through all countries, change the geographical location of continents and kill millions of living beings. Nibiru is near and we must be prepared for our end.