When Nibiru arrives on earth, a second sun will also appear.


Nibiru will not reach our galaxy alone.
As the world’s governments gather to make pre-war deals, Nibiru is closer than ever. Conspiracy experts say that not only will Nibiru arrive much sooner than expected, but also that the second sun that accompanies him can already be seen at certain angles of view into space.

Unofficial sources that are closely linked to the monitoring of Nibiru’s arrival on earth assure that planet X, as they know it in NASA, does not come alone, but also that a small star accompanies it to help destroy the earth with a significant increase in global temperature.

Detractors of these theories claim that it is the moon or other planets that are seen in the images, but the sources consulted claim that these slanderers are being hired and financed by the most powerful governments in the world, who hope that the community does not find out what is happening.

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A second sun is coming to invade our area in the universe. Nibiru?
This second sun, experts say, is smaller than the star that illuminates us at the moment, however, its proximity to the earth will cause critical imbalances in the earth’s climate, long before the planet Nibiru makes its imminent collision with our planet.

NASA, for its part, continues to discredit this whole truth and has an army of followers of this idea to avoid at all costs to divulge the exact moment when Nibiru is already completely visible in the sky.

It has been NASA, the United States government and some European diplomats who have taken on the task of inventing different dates for the arrival of Nibiru to distract and discredit the experts who are trying to warn of this catastrophe, but what we are sure of is that at any moment the world could end due to the impact of Nibiru and its sun.