What exactly is the planet Nibiru? An alien ship.

When we see Nibiru, we wonder if we are in the presence of a planet capable of destroying the earth or an alien ship.

The existence of a planet orbiting around our solar system has always been a subject of discussion for some years. Although space organizations such as NASA strongly deny its existence, scientific evidence that there is “something” capable of gravitationally altering other celestial bodies exists, which generates great uncertainty around the world. But what if it’s not a planet? It is strange that a celestial body of such mass is not visible to today’s satellites and telescopes. Well, Hercílio Maes was sure that it was an alien ship and records of ancient civilizations seem to confirm his theory. When we see Nibiru, we wonder if we will be in the presence of a planet capable of destroying the earth or of an alien ship that has been watching us for millions of years?

Could Nibiru be a giant alien ship?
The Sumerians, a civilization dating back more than 6000 years, believed in their Anunnaki gods and said that they came from outer space and created them to serve them. Starting from this first, it seems that the shift to scepticism is becoming much narrower.

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In 1956, HercilioMaes, a Brazilian lawyer and medium, said that he had a mental connection with an alien named Ramatís, who assured him of the existence of a planetary ship that haunted our own solar system.

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Despite the fact that what Maes told seems to be a story taken from a science fiction work. He’s not the only one who mentioned Nibiru. In fact, even the Bible mentions the coming of a comet that will consume the whole earth in fire after God takes the elect. The Sumerians, as mentioned above, named the planet Nibiru in their tablets.

The Babylonians also mention a planet that will bring about the end times. Like the Kolbrin Bible, the Hebrew Bible and scientists of different nationalities.

Will the end of the world be thanks to Nibiru?
It is not really known what will happen, but in every religious prophecy, biblical or ancient, this great planet is associated with the destruction of the times. If Nibiru is an alien ship, it could mean the impending alien invasion, or simply that our creators would come to bid us a final farewell.