Viral Video: Nibiru is captured very close to our sun

Vídeo Viral: Captan a Nibiru muy cerca de nuestro sol

Nibiru is very close and now everyone can see him.
The existence of Nibiru has been questioned for many years, but many people still believe that this giant planet does exist and that in the near future it will impact our planet, generating irreparable damage and killing millions of lives. In the face of this, the scientists increased their studies in space to find some celestial body that poses a great threat to life on earth. Just a few months ago NASA claimed to have found a super planet and it looks like it’s Nibiru.

In the past, people who denied the existence of Nibiru maintained that for a super giant planet to exist, we would have to see for ourselves, and that theory actually makes a lot of sense. Now, recently a video was leaked in which a subject recorded the immensity of the sun from the earth, but something to his right catches his attention and when he looks at it with his camera, he realizes that something is not right.

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Nibiru’s image by the sun generates fear in society
On May 16, a subject was able to observe a large flaming planet almost beside the sun. In principle it could be taken as if it were the sun, but in the video he passes his camera from left to right so that we can make the distinction between our star and that great star object 10 times bigger than the earth.

The video went viral in a few hours and thousands of people are speculating that it is indeed Nibiru, in fact, if we follow the descriptions left by the Sumerians, that giant planet that is seen in the audiovisual media could be Nibiru. It is now very clear that this heavenly body is getting closer and closer to the earth. Its speed is alarming and its presence fits in perfectly with the natural disasters that have occurred in recent days.