They claim that Nibiru was already responsible for extinguishing life on earth.

They claim that Nibiru was already responsible for the extinction of life on earth.

Mass extinctions have always been a topic of debate in the scientific community. There are theories around them that range from government conspiracies, extraterrestrials to simple natural disasters. The extinction of the dinosaurs is the most controversial issue. However, there is a possibility that there is only one person responsible, and that is that one of the theories speaks of Nibiru as the only star object capable of causing this phenomenon. And the worst part is that the extinction of dinosaurs could be repeated with the human race.

Nibiru, the cause of dinosaur extinction
The astrophysicist and mathematical professor at the University of Arkansas, Daniel Whitmire, states that Planet Nibiru or planet X is responsible for the total destruction of the dinosaurs. Whitemire says the planet is capable of generating sporadic comet rains, which could be perfectly linked to the mass extinctions that have occurred throughout history, including the dinosaurs.

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Most disturbing is that in 2010, fossil studies revealed that on planet Earth it has witnessed a massive spread every 27 million years for about 500 million years.

The astrophysicist relies on these data to validate his theoretical calculations.


What the experts say about nibiru
According to Daniel Whitemare, Nibiru or planet X has an inclined orbit that makes it pass every 27 million years, approximately, through the Kuiper belt, pushing the rocky debris in it towards the solar system. Although many end up destroying each other or disintegrating as they approach the sun, many end up impacting the earth directly.

It should be noted that, according to Babylonian prophecies, the planet Nibiru is responsible for the destruction of planet earth. Following this prophetic logic, it is not unreasonable to think that there is a heavenly body capable of generating such damage to the planet and its inhabitants. However, NASA or any other international body has taken on the task of admitting the possibility that there may be a planet with such characteristics.