The truth about the Blue Beam project and its relationship with Nibiru



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The Blue Beam project seeks to dominate the world and Nibiru has a lot to do with it.
Blue Beam is a secret project in which the Vatican, NASA and powers around the world came together to develop a series of plans that would change the world order. The way in which they will develop all their plans is quite complicated, but they have been planning everything for so many years that it is possible that before we know it, the world will take a radical turn. One of the striking aspects of Blue Beam is that it mentions on several occasions the existence of Nibiru together with its inhabitants, the mythical Annunakis, but what are they really looking for?

Nibiru’s closeness to the earth and the technology they have developed is what the Vatican, NASA and governments of the world are trying to hide for now, as they chart the plan to dominate the world through simulators, laser projections and satellite-assisted holograms. In this way, images of religious deities in the different territories of the world would be shown and the voice of the so-called “God” would be generated, so that people would believe that their gods had come down to earth to do their will and obey them.

The proximity of Nibiru would help with the farce.
On the other hand, the leaders in charge of the project know exactly where Nibiru is and know that there is extraterrestrial life on that planet and that they would use them as allies to generate damage on our planet. People’s fear will increase to the point of using their primitive instincts to survive and, after all the chaos, surviving humans will accept the new world order.

It is said that the technology of the Blue Bean project is so advanced that they will be able to communicate with people by telepathy, so that the situation in which the so-called “God” speaks to them from the depths of their souls will be more convincing. The conspirators say that nuclear wars and disasters caused by the project are coming.