The planet Nibiru is approaching an earthquake that will cause the death of millions of people.


The prophecy of the Apocalypse and the planet nibiru, coincident in time. The prophecy of the apocalypse that warns us of the early resurrection of the second pope, who will pretend to be God and deceive everyone, is running on the Internet and this will happen after the death of Pope Francis or Pope Benedict 16 who taught the end times but next year science will show what the planet nibiru or planet X hides.

The planet nibiru and the prophecy of the apocalypse
Scientists claim to have discovered the planet X an elliptical orbit that takes 3500 years to give a solar revolution. Both facts constitute a test that warns about the coming of the apocalypse, which says after the resurrection of John Paul the Second that he will have seven years of life left and then be completely finished and then go with Jesus to a new world or heaven.

During this period of the end times we will experience what the apocalypse calls Armageddon that will culminate in a great war that will pit the antichrist soldiers against the loyal soldiers but that period is accompanied by great earthquakes to the last of them that will move all the mountains of the earth and curiously enough the planet nibiru also means great earthquakes and approaches the earth next year.

In turn the prophecy of the apocalypse and the planet nibiru brings the fall of a meteorite in May, which will make the water stop being drinkable and will be bitter; the bible calls it wormwood both sayings lead us to the end of the world.

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It also reveals that planet X or nibiru exists and is approaching the earth. And the most surprising is that Peruvian scientists have launched an upcoming Tsumani alert but do not speak of nibiru.

Nibiru will be the cause of a devastating earthquake
The portal sorcha faal says that a major earthquake is expected in the eastern part of Russia for this putin has displaced troops, but the earthquake will be worse on the west coast of the United States where there may be 40 million dead.

Neither does the faal ring speak of the planet nibiru, but it is known that when its mass, which is ten times that of the earth, passes close to the earth, it will cause magnetic gravity attractions that will affect the tectonic plates and cause great natural disasters.

But the Bible tells us that one third of humanity will perish with all the wages and earthquakes that means that two thirds of humanity will survive the earthquakes of the plagues. Two billion people will die but four billion people will survive and this is good news. We cannot all distinguish ourselves at the same time, neither by nibiru nor by nuclear war is absurdly impossible because the prophecies would not be fulfilled and the prophecies are of God.

Those survivors must be very clear about the prophecy of the apocalypse because no matter how much destruction nibiru brings, many people will survive and these people must be aware that when John Paul II appears it will be Satan who will inhabit their body.

It is advisable to be prepared not out of fear because we can do nothing about an earthquake except pray and find the triangle of life.