The mystery of Nibiru. He’s already been among us and caused a planetary disaster.

Not many people know the details of Nibiru and why it is thought that her passing through him would cause a disaster on Earth.

Not many people really know the details of Nibiru or why he is believed to exist in our solar system and why it is thought that his passing through it would cause disaster on Earth. The Sumerians knew it as Planet X, which was supposedly the twelfth planet in our system. Nibiru means “Planet Crossing”, a name given by the Egyptians and the Sumerians, since, according to their writings, it had a more elliptical orbit than the normal orbit of the rest of the planets and took about 750,000 years to place itself between Mars and Jupiter. However, when it did, it caused a disaster on all the planets around.

Nibiru, the cause of the known planetary disasters.
The writer and archaeologist, ZechariaStichin and BurakEldem suggested the existence of this planet and that, in addition, it has a tremendous resemblance to CR 105, which have similar orbits, but with small variations; 80% of Nibiru’s elliptical is much more alloyed to the sun, while the planet CR 105 is only 60% and the remaining 40% is quite close to the rest of the planets.

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Historians around the world have also mentioned the existence of Tiamat, a planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter some 510 billion years ago and was a victim of Planet X. Tiamat would have collided with one of the Nibiru moon, causing it to split in two; one of the halves ended up becoming the asteroid belt and what we know today as Phobos, the moon of Mars. While the other half became Planet Earth.

Nibiru and the Annunaki belief.
According to Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki are the inhabitants of Nibiru, beings who descended to our land some 25,000 years ago and were responsible for teaching the knowledge necessary for the development of technology and tools to developing humanoids, as they did not have the brain capacity to think or understand the advantages of such creations.

It is believed that even the Mayans predicted the existence of Planet X, or, as they called it, the dark planet-shaped energy that would approach our planet in the future.

According to James McCaney, an expert on the planet Nibiru and Mayan history, he explained that some 10,000 years ago a great devastation occurred that destroyed many civilizations on our planet. He also explained how the ruined cities in South America were disappeared, not because of war or plague, but because of great physical destruction on earth.