The land will be finished in 2018 and Nibiru will be responsible for the destruction.


Natural disasters will be generated by Nibiru
It is certainly not the first time that the serious consequences of Nibiru’s impact on our planet have been discussed, and although for many people this gigantic planet does not exist, the scientific evidence and reports that have leaked out now allow us to think that we are actually very close to the end. The climate has changed in different parts of the world and that, however insignificant it may seem, is a worrying sign that the earth is changing completely, even its orbit, but how is this possible?

Let’s remember that we are not talking about something small or a simple ball in the galaxy, but about a planet so big that it is equal to the size of the sun, in this sense, its mere presence in any solar system of the universe would generate sudden changes in the orbits of the other planets. This transformation damages the astronomical location of the celestial body and, in turn, triggers natural disasters that could wipe out everything, even the minerals and elements that make that body exist.

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Extra-solar objects are being attracted to Nibiru.
Scientists have claimed that asteroids, extrasolar planets and meteorites entered our solar system a few months ago. They were able to determine that they did not belong to our galaxy because of their inclination and the way they turned or moved. Experts said they were very surprised by this fact because these bodies could not reach this side of the universe without another object of proportional size propelling them.

All this creates an atmosphere of fear in the scientific community, even more so when a number of conspirators claimed that Nibiru is hidden between the sun and the moon and that makes a lot of sense, even more so with the latest videos in which one can observe a “second” sun in different areas of the world. That heavenly body is huge, flaming and undoubtedly very close to the earth and that is worrying.