The greatest sign of the arrival of Nibiru is the eruption of the Kilauea volcano, according to experts.

La mayor señal de la llegada de Nibiru es la erupción del volcán Kilauea según expertos

Nibiru is close by and will destroy us all.
The Kilauea volcano is one of the many active volcanoes found on our planet, however, its activity has become more violent than normal in recent months and because of this situation, many conspirators began to raise the theory that an external entity is the cause of its constant eruptions. For some years it has been believed that the proximity of Nibiru would generate sudden changes on our planet and it is precisely this hypothesis that these subjects maintain.

For conspirators and experts in the field, it is by no means normal that the activity of this volcano should be so violent overnight and their studies reveal that there is an external factor increasing the eruptions of Kilauea. It is said that the gravitational waves of all planets are powerful, but Nibiru’s waves surpass the extremes by their large size, in this sense, it is quite likely that these theories are true.

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David Meade says Nibiru is changing our orbit.
If Nibiru is truly in our solar system, it has to be changing the orbit of the earth and all the planets, this would cause the sun’s magnetic field to deteriorate and impact the magnetism of our celestial body, that is terrible, because it increases the stellar influence with the earth’s tectonic plates and would cause an earthquake capable of activating all the world’s volcanoes, including submarines.

Worst of all, Kilauea is not the only volcano that has increased its activity, as the Yellowstone volcano is about to erupt and all the experts are alarmed by this. This is further proof that everything about space has a lot of influence on our planet. More and more scientists are now searching for Nibiru’s location to determine how close it is to our planet.