The eruption of Mount Kilauea volcano is an indication that Nibiru will impact our planet.

La erupción del volcán del Monte Kilauea es un indicio de que Nibiru impactará nuestro planeta


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Nibiru is close to our planet.
More and more people are holding on to the belief that Nibiru will collide with planet earth and destroy everything in its path. The prophecies and allegations of some scientists feed these theories and give strength to the conspirators to continue to maintain their positions, also, recent weather events and astronomical phenomena have entrenched each hypothesis, one of the most enigmatic examples is the recent eruption of Mount Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Many people have come to say that the eruption of this volcano is motivated by the proximity of Nibiru to our atmosphere and that soon, more natural disasters will occur on the planet. Such violent events in Hawaii are unusual and for the conspiracy and even for some scientists it is a clear indication that planet X is close by and can be demonstrated by this eruption and the earthquakes recorded over the last few months in several countries around the world.

The destruction of our planet will be by Nibiru and we can’t help it.
The Kilauea volcano has been erupting for 30 years, but never has there been such a violent disaster as in recent days. We are talking about very serious material losses and people are completely concerned about what might happen if a new eruption occurs. For the experts, as Nibiru approaches our planet, it loses strength in its magnetism and so does the sun, it is as if that giant celestial body is taking energy away from our entire solar system.

This situation totally compromises the earth, because if its magnetism is weakened, it is only a matter of time before Nibiru continues to approach and the planet’s tectonic plates are activated, generating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and storms that will kill both human life and everything created during the last few centuries.