The end of the world is near: Nibiru is seen as a second sun

El fin del mundo está cerca: Nibiru es visto como un segundo sol

Nibiru is in our solar system.
For most scientists, Nibiru is just a myth taken from Sumerian hieroglyphics, however, the evidence is compelling and not only in the writings of that ancient and wise civilization, there are astronomical clues that can verify that Nibiru does exist and that it is getting closer and closer to our planet. Even NASA issued a statement revealing the existence of a super planet in the vicinity of Jupiter and experts have increased the relevant studies through probes and observations with the best telescopes in the world.

A few weeks ago an impressive video leaked out in which the sun looked very bright, but right next to it there was also a celestial body of similar size, flaming and extremely noticeable in the sky. Internet users immediately mentioned that it was Nibiru because it fulfilled the characteristics described in the Sumerian manuscripts and the prophecies of the many seers who had predicted at the end of the world.

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Nibiru will destroy the earth in no time.
The presence of Nibiru in our solar system has triggered countless events around the world, beginning with the earthquakes recorded in Mexico last year and ending with the eruptions of volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala. Now, in addition to the video from weeks ago, a guy uploaded a video to his YouTube account to show the world that the evidence is irrefutable, Nibiru is here, right next to the sun, very close to the earth.

Experts and civilians in general are very afraid that the prophecies will be fulfilled and that Nibiru will effectively destroy the world. The worst thing is that if this celestial body of unthinkable size has been able to cause such damage to our planet with its very proximity, its impact will end everything we know in short periods of time, in fact, it is believed that the result of the collision will be like the explosion of a mega nuclear bomb.