The destruction is near: Nibiru could wipe out the land


Will Nibiru destroy the land in 2018?
Nibiru has been remembered in history as an extremely giant exoplanet, home to the mythical Anunnakis and responsible for the end of the world that will soon take shape. The conspirators say that this celestial body is in the vicinity of Jupiter and that it has caused other star objects to enter our solar system abruptly and this makes too much sense, especially if we detail the information provided by NASA.

A few months ago, we learned of an extra-solar planet with characteristics similar to those of Nibiru, the same happened with several asteroids and meteorites that, according to scientists, were propelled by that great celestial body discovered near Jupiter. In previous years, NASA had fervently denied the existence of Nibiru, but after all the evidence gathered, it had no choice but to accept the obvious and begin to calculate the time of impact between the gigantic planet and the earth.

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Nibiru will impact the earth in July 2018
Many dates have already been revealed for the arrival of Nibiru and the clash with the earth, but according to the latest events, it is quite likely that the end of the world will take place this year, specifically in July. Taking into account all the meteorites that were lost in the vicinity of our planet, the strange orbit of the discovered planet and the speed with which extrasolar objects enter our solar system.

Added to all this are the recent natural disasters that give us a clearer signal that this is just the beginning and that if thousands of lives have been lost in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions today, when Nibiru arrived everything will be worse. Humanity will disappear forever as will all life on our planet.