The connection between Nibiru and the eruption of the Fire Volcano

La conexión entre Nibiru y la erupción del Volcán de Fuego

Nibiru could have caused the volcanic eruption in Guatemala
Sumerian legends predict great natural disasters in the near future and it is said that everything will be due to the impact of Nibiru on the land. But what would happen if only the proximity of this mythical planet caused irreparable damage? That is to say, Nibiru does not need to collide with the earth in order to put an end to everything we know, and according to recent events, this hypothesis makes a lot of sense. Since NASA discovered that there is a giant planet with strange orbits in the universe, the earth has reacted negatively.

The natural disasters that have occurred since last year may have nothing to do with the presence of another planet in our solar system, but we cannot deny that the coincidence is very great, in fact, stellar storms have been unleashed that have generated catastrophes on earth, including earthquakes, earthquakes, earthquakes, unusual sea activity and the activation of the volcanoes of Hawaii and Guatemala.

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The rash was caused by Nibiru
The proximity of Nibiru made scientists study the state of the universe with more emphasis and recently discovered that during the end of May and beginning of June a magnetic solar storm was going to develop that would harm both the earth and the rest of the planets of our solar system. According to reports, the storm was generated on June 2, 2018 and just on June 3 the fire volcano erupted, this is a clear sign that Nibiru is wreaking havoc on our planet even when it is not nearby.

Another proof of this is that telecommunications have failed in many territories of the world as a result of this storm and experts fear that the failure will spread throughout the planet, because if that happens, the special forces will not be able to be aware of the disasters that will be generated during the last few months left until 2018.