The Annunaki of Nibiru, the creators of humanity?

Extraterrestres Annunaki de Nibiru, ¿los creadores de la humanidad?

The Sumerians are an ancient civilization that, despite the many years of study, is still shrouded in a cloak of mystery that keeps us all in suspense. Every time there is a new archaeological expedition, new questions arise and they become more and more surprising.

Dr. Zecharia Sitchin is one of the most responsible for the greatest studies on the Sumerian mysteries and one of the most faithful believers in the theory of Sumerian creation, do we really come from the Annunaki, does the planet Nibiru exist and did the Sumerians know about it? If the theory of Sumerian creation were to prove true, the history of mankind would have to be rewritten in its entirety.

The Annunaki, the Sumerian gods of the planet Nibiru.
According to scientists, there is a celestial body beyond Neptune that orbits our solar system and has such a large mass that it can cause gravitational alterations to the rest of the objects around it. Although NASA denies the existence of a planet with the characteristics of Nibiru, there is evidence of these gravitational disturbances caused by “something”.

Sumerian nibiru

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Sitchin was certain of Nibiru’s existence and, in fact, this was documented and recorded in writings dating back more than 6000 years. The Sumerians possessed tablets that spoke of their Annunaki Gods and how they created the human race to serve them. They also mention that its origin came from a planet beyond our solar system. Nibiru.

How did the Sumerians know this?
Any skeptic would question any data found on tablets of ancient civilizations. In ancient times, civilizations had a rather large belief in the supernatural and mystical, yet the Sumerians were somewhat different.

In the expeditions made to their civilization, they found tablets with illustrations of the solar system as it is known today, demonstrating high astronomical knowledge. In addition to advanced mathematical and physical calculations for the time. Even the Sumerians are given the honor of being the creators of the first writing system.

How could a single civilization advance centuries of science compared to its contemporaries? According to Sitchin and his followers. The answer is far more obvious than we think.