Secret developers kept by the planet Nibiru

Reveladores secretos que guarda el planeta Nibiru

NASA has been responsible for revealing strong statements about the planet Nibiru; it is an exoplanet that traces its orbit perpendicularly. In 1976, Sitchin Zecharia published his book “12 Planet” characterizing the existence of a new member of the solar system that was not catalogued until now, called Nibiru.

It is said that the existence of this planet is framed by documents that are more than 2000 years old, among them the Mul Apin, Enuma Elish or Astrolabes. These texts reflect that this planet was visible for a period of time, where they coincide with the point near the Sun of the millennial and long journey.

But where is planet Nibiru? What’s he hiding?

Nibiru is a mysterious and amazing reality.
Nibiru is not a virus, it is a planet of origin of Shannon (gods of extraterrestrial origin) who had come thousands of years ago to our planet and would have settled in Mesopotamia; there would have been exploited certain natural resources mainly gold. This gold would be mined in large quantities to be pulverized in the atmosphere of Nibiru in order to create a greenhouse effect that would protect them from any threat.

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Nibiru is a hypothetical planet that is neither relevant nor popular with scientists, that is why it is also called “Planet X”, characterized by an unknown planetary body that lies beyond the planet Neptune. The search for Nibiru began in 1843.

This exoplanet is heading towards the earth and with its near arrival in time the apocalypse and the end of the world will be unleashed. However, for scientists, “Nibiru” does not exist, but who is right? All questions will be answered.

The discovery of Planet Nibiru
Who discovered this wandering planet? The Kepler telescope has confirmed 100 planets and more than 70 solar systems in recent years, and this time it has surprised researchers by detecting an exoplanet with particularities that really makes them think and reflect. This Kepler 63b artifact moves around the star and its travel is tilted at right angles (90 degrees). The Kepleer is 700 light-years from Earth in the constellation of the swan, which revolves around the star identical to the sun.

To the astonishment of the researchers, the new orbit was not exempt from certain anomalies and its history has hovered for many years, but it is recovered by apocalyptic legends. Even though the Mayan prophecy declared the end of the world in 2013 we are still here without any answers.