Scientists have a chance of finding the planet Nibiru in our Universe.

Científicos tienen posibilidades de encontrar al planeta Nibiru en nuestro Universo


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Astronomers could reveal the location of the planet Nibiru
The planet X or Nibiru, as many know it, has been the object of several controversies, because there are a considerable number of people who maintain the faithful belief that it exists and is the exoplanet in which the beings who created the human being live. NASA and many scientists around the world have expressed their rejection of this and many other theories about the existence of Nibiru in our universe and claim that until there is reliable proof that this celestial body actually exists, they will not change their minds.

However, there are images that have been ignored by all space agencies and that in one way or another serve to demonstrate that Nibiru is in our solar system, perhaps not at a worrying distance as they claim, but in the same universe in which we live. This makes other experts wonder if the planet has extraterrestrial life.

The planet Nibiru is in our universe
A group of astronomers have taken on the task of searching and studying everything related to planet X and being able to find any proof or evidence to prove its existence, in this way, they would issue a communiqué to the scientists of the world, especially to NASA and would prove that neither they nor the rest of the people who believe in Nibiru were wrong. In the face of this, they found a series of medieval astronomical manuscripts containing powerful clues to the exact location of the planet.

It is quite possible that Nibiru is in the vicinity of Neptune, and it is also said in the writings that in the past, some comets made ancient astronomers suspect that Nibiru was close to our planet. The texts were written in Latin, Russian and English, so another group of scientists is currently in the process of being translated, which is clear that the evidence dates back to the last century and it is still unknown why they were ignored.