Scientists claim that the planet Nibiru really existed in our solar system


Meteorite on our planet proves that Nibiru existed in the solar system
Many scientists have researched everything about the mythical planet Nibiru to see if it exists or came to exist in ancient times. Recent studies indicate that planet X may have been located in our solar system and subsequently destroyed by an explosion. None of this has been proven so far, because thanks to the fragments of the meteorite that crashed in the Sudanese desert 10 years ago, scientists are sure that Nibiru existed.

Planet Nibiru was part of the solar system 4.55 billion years ago.

Ten years ago the remains of a meteorite hit our planet, specifically the Sudan desert. The celestial body was made up of diamonds, which have been studied since their discovery and have now been found to come from a completely extinct planet destroyed by an explosion. This conclusion was reached because the diamonds had to go through a process of pressure in order to be formed, that is to say, it was not a shock that originated them, but the gravitational force of a currently dead planet.

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According to Philippe Gillet, one of the scientists belonging to the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the pressure required for the diamonds to be created had to have been 200,000 Bars, meaning that the size of the planet can be larger than that of Mercury, Mars and even the earth. Scientists have studied these remains enough to know that they have particles of a totally primitive solar system in their hands. They claim that in the past, there were more planets than there are today, however, over time they disappeared and from their remains, new celestial bodies were created, such as the moon.

With the latter it is quite likely that the debris from those extinct planets created a super planet, which doubled the size of all the existing ones in the solar system and was later destroyed.