Photograph of Nibiru? Planet X is already in our solar system

¿Fotografía de Nibiru? Planeta X ya se encuentra en nuestro sistema solar

Nibiru was captured near our planet.
It is now almost impossible to deny the existence of planet X, that is, Nibiru, that celestial body which the Sumerians called the “destroyer” and which, according to scientists, is already in our solar system. A few months ago NASA issued a statement alleging that they had found an extra-solar super planet with extremely disconcerting characteristics, before this, the conspirators began to speculate and investigate everything about this planet and most came to the same conclusion: It was Nibiru.

In fact, since this exoplanet was discovered, a series of natural phenomena have been unleashed on the earth that fit perfectly into the apocalyptic events prophesied by all the seers who have spoken of Nibiru. This is not the only thing that is worrying, but recently a video has come to light that shows the earth from the outside, but in full transmission, a giant planet of changing colors appears very close to our celestial body.

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In the video you can see Nibiru a short distance from the earth
The user of YouTube MRMBBB333, published part of the transmission that NASA was making to observe the earth from one of the best angles of space, everything was going very well until out of nowhere, a large celestial body appears that gradually begins to change color and slowly approaching. A planet is not supposed to move in this way, much less transform its tonality with the passing of seconds, so once the video was posted on the social network, the conspirators claimed it was Nibiru.

However, there were people saying that it was only the moon that was observed in the audiovisual media, but since when can the moon change color so abruptly? If that were the case, we would see it from any position on earth, but that has not happened, not in the way it can be seen in the video.