Nibiru’s story and evidence of his existence

La historia de Nibiru y las pruebas sobre su existencia


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The Sumerians are descended from the inhabitants of Nibiru
According to Sumerian texts, Nibiru was a giant planet on which extraterrestrial beings with supreme intelligence lived. They came to earth to take the natural elements that could save Nibiru and after that, they created the human race to serve them as slaves, these beings were called Anunnakis and were the kings who ruled the earth for many, many years.

Thanks to these beings, the Sumerian civilization was able to know and handle astronomy, writing and many other arts that are still maintained. According to the records, these creatures were at least 3 meters high and physically very similar to humans, the only thing that differentiated them were their large, elongated skulls. While the lesser Anunnakis remained on the land, the rest remained in Nibiru to rule the rest of their civilization.

Does Nibiru really exist?
Since the ancient manuscripts of Sumer, a civilization located in Mesopotamia, were found, scientists and conspirators have been talking about the existence of a ninth planet, a truly giant one that does not belong to our solar system. For the Sumerians, Nibiru was chaos turned into a space object and if it approached our galaxy, the planetary orbits would be affected and virtually all the existing celestial bodies in space would be destroyed. These Sumerian texts prophesy the end of the world.

Experts have increased the search for this supposed giant planet for many years and had not found anything, not until at least 2 years ago when NASA discovered a super planet 20 times larger than the earth, extremely dark and with a really strange orbit. Their discovery fitted perfectly with the anomalies that were occurring in the stellar bodies beyond Pluto, for instead of rotating randomly, they did so completely aligned, as if a force majeure forced them to move that way.