Nibiru’s proximity to the land would cause a super-earthquake.

La cercanía de Nibiru con la tierra causaría un súper terremoto

Earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis would be unleashed by the impact of Nibiru
For some years now, rumours have been spreading that a super planet will approach the Earth to the point of changing its orbit drastically and generating climate change that would claim the lives of millions of people around the world. According to the characteristics provided by the conspirators and prophets, this star is Nibiru, the mythical celestial body described in Sumerian legends. Now, no one expected these revelations to happen in the near future, but it appears that the likelihood of impact has increased.

Lately there have been reports of unusual activities in space, for example, the arrival of extrasolar asteroids in our solar system and an exoplanet whose orbit was drastically changed. This kind of situation has made scientists wonder what is really going on in the universe and according to research and simulations, it is quite likely that a giant planet is rapidly approaching the earth.

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Nibiru and the earthquake that will end the world
The earth has been going through some changes over the last few years and scientists have been overly concerned, in fact, they claim that our planet’s orbit changed from 23 to 27.5 degrees, something extremely abrupt. Now, experts say that the only feasible explanation they possess is that there is a giant planet entering our solar system and that it is generating transformations in the orbits of all the planets.

If this theory can be proven, scientists and governments around the world would have to come up with a plan to protect most of the planet before Nibiru is a short distance from Earth, because legends say that its gravitational force is so powerful that just a little closer would cause simultaneous earthquakes and wipe out everything we know so far. We’re talking about millions of human losses and massive destruction.