Nibiru the wandering planet can already be seen from our solar system

nibiru the wandering planet

Nibiru or planet X, a theory that has been around for a long time. The belief that a wandering planet is on the fringe of ours with a giant orbit in comparison to the Sun has a large number of believers. In fact, they are convinced that this “wandering planet” is moving deeper and deeper into our solar system, which would be a catastrophe for the Earth. Only 6 million kilometers away would be enough to modify the geographical poles, which would generate earthquakes and the activation of volcanoes like never before seen.

Nibiru, a wandering planet already on the lookout for our Solar System.
Matt Rogers, a British specialist in everything that has to do with the planet X and Nibiru, published on his television channel called “Sky Watcher Matt Rogers” (Matt Rogers, the Observer of the Sky, in Spanish), in the section “undeniable images of everyday life”, an image that had been sent to him by an Australian reporter for analysis.

In it, you can see an all-pink sunset, with the sun, clouds and the sun itself turning a totally unusual color in our skies. Which means, for Rogers, that Nibiru should already be seen from our solar system.

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He explained that the photos were totally genuine and didn’t have a single bit of editing and that, in fact, more people have been sending photos where you can see such changes in the pigmentation of the sky, which keeps them quite concerned.

Rogers says that what you should see at sunset and sunrise is a characteristic golden color, like that of your childhood, like the one you saw in previous years. Not a bright, strong pink color that’s showing now.

Nibiru A curtain so we can’t see beyond?
Rogers and his followers claim that this “pink mist” is intentionally sprayed to deceive the public. According to the explanation given by scientists and environmentalists is that behind that color is the evaporation of chemical gases that remain in the atmosphere, which is totally false to the British, pus he claims he has already seen these strange colors in research places where there is no industrial activity that can raise such gases.

Another point to take into account, according to the specialist, is that the sun is now much whiter than it was in past years, so it could be a simulation placed specifically to block the view of Nibiru. A plan orchestrated by world leaders in an attempt to cover up that, indeed, the end is getting closer and closer.