Nibiru is responsible for climate change on earth



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Algo salió mal.

Nibiru is a dark energy that will kill the earth.
In addition to the existing legends and prophecies about the great commotion that planet X or better known as Nibiru will cause, in 1983, two NASA scientists issued a statement in which they spoke of a great discovery. It was a possible planet that was twice the size and weight of Jupiter and was in our solar system. Although NASA wanted that finding to be kept secret, the information was leaked and many came to the conclusion that it was Nibiru.

Some of the legends about this planet mention that when it passes very close to the earth, the climate will change radically due to the amount of fireballs, meteorites and other cosmic phenomena that would affect the earth seriously. The proximity of planet X may cause the earth’s tectonic plates to change abruptly and begin an endless season of earthquakes and tsunamis.

The fireballs would be Nibiru’s consequences
The American Meteorite Society has said that fireballs are part of a series of quite unusual cosmic phenomena and that seeing at least one of them is simply exceptional, but for some years now, part of the world has witnessed these eventuality and it is almost impossible to ignore all these situations. Romania, the United States and Is are just some of the countries where more than a couple of fireballs have been seen that even make the night light up as if it were day.

These phenomena, the recent earthquakes in much of the world and the natural disasters of recent months have increased suspicions that Nibiru is responsible for all this. We only hope that the relevant authorities will be able to deny or affirm the theories.