Nibiru is going to destroy the earth! 2018 is the year of the end

Nibiru is going to destroy the earth! 2018 is the year of the end


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The land is going to disappear by the impact of Nibiru.
Nibiru is remembered for being the giant exoplanet described in Sumerian legends, hence the supposed creators of humanity and those who managed to progressively evolve human writing and intelligence. For some time now, many conspirators have believed that this exorbitantly sized celestial body may be approaching our planet and that it will impact it with such force that it would be capable of totally annihilating it, destroying human life and everything on earth.

Dates have been set according to many ancient prophecies and even more research has been done in space to find the planet, to find out how far away it is from our solar system and to determine whether we can avoid the catastrophe or just how much time we have left to live. In previous years scientists denied its existence, now it seems a very worrying possibility, even more so because NASA has found an extra-solar planet that meets the characteristics and descriptions of Nibiru.

Nibiru is going to destroy us in 2018 and we can’t help it.
Although there are still experts who claim that Nibiru did not exist, does not exist and will never exist, there are others who have their doubts and prefer to exhaust all investigative measures to issue a more professional statement about what may be coming in the future. According to Sumerian data, Nibiru will approach the land and its proximity alone will cause serious damage to the surface, then natural disasters will begin and finally, the great impact, which will end with the land.

Currently, a series of events have been unleashed that support all these theories about the end of the world and the existence of Nibiru and after the NASA communiqué, it is only a matter of time before the exoplanet is confirmed as planet X and all the chaos is unleashed on earth.