Nibiru is closer than we thought. Possible collision!


Last April, a video captured by Soho and the Stereo Science Center, pages that transmit live images of the Sun, shows a strange event with a tremendous closeness to our giant star. Compared to the size of the star, it can be said that this strange celestial body has a mass 10 times larger than the earth. The images of the Sun have caused a total stir on the net because, it is said, it is nothing more and nothing less than Nibiru, which could be closer than we think.

Images of the Sun show Nibiru near our solar system.
The huge circular body that passes right over the Sun has a perfect description of the famous “Planet 9” and the theory surrounding it. The problem is that if a celestial body the possible size of Planet 9 that has passed over the sun should have completely altered the gravitational system of the solar system, including our planet, generating catastrophic results.

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No media, despite the fact that enough time has passed, has reported the news, nor has any other organization made its views known. But the theories about Nibiru took on a tremendous force again and the collective fear is once again palpable in all believers of the Babylonian prophecies.

nibiru 3

The end of the world because of nibiru?
We all know that Nibiru has been around many prophecies throughout history that link it to extraterrestrial beings even with the destruction of humanity through direct guilt. Any of these theories and prophecies, if true, are closer than we think to happening.

Let’s remember that the images are official images of a satellite that focuses on the Sun 24 hours a day and the celestial object is totally visible in the images. Will NASA pronounce on the matter or will it continue to silence as it has done so far with everything that concerns Nibiru?