Nibiru is approaching our planet!


Nibiru was seen near our sun
For some years now, the belief that Nibiru will collide with the earth and destroy it completely has increased, extinguishing all kinds of life that have existed until now. NASA and the other space agencies have taken it upon themselves to categorically deny any indication that Nibiru might even have existed in the past, but there are things that, however much they may want to hide, they simply cannot, and that includes Nibiru. The Sumerians were able to provide us with enough information about this planet and now we know what its characteristics and appearance are.

Ancient manuscripts reveal that Nibiru is a giant planet, almost 10 times larger than the earth, its temperature is too high, so much so that it is considered a flaming celestial body, almost as much as if it were a sun and its orbit is totally different from that of any planet in the universe. It is said that it can travel at impressive speeds and could become a body or star comet, so it is believed that its impact will destroy everything in less time than we might think.

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Video of Nibiru by the sun generates fear in the world
Another video has leaked out on YouTube and you can see a celestial body similar to the sun approaching in a disturbing way. At first it can be said that it is a reflection generated by the lens of the camera or by the very luminosity of our star, however, those kinds of effects disappear when the camera is in motion and this time, that did not happen, the other fireball remained there, so noticeable in the sky that it was scary.

This is the third video in which Nibiru can be seen and NASA has not issued any commentary to deny or claim that it is Nibiru or a digital effect and that only makes the conspirators maintain an accurate position on their beliefs.