¿Nibiru is a planet or an alien spacecraft?

¿Nibiru es un planeta o una nave extraterrestre?


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The ancient records of the planet Nibiru describe it as a ship
Nibiru has been considered as the planet that will destroy ours in the near future, in fact, many prophets have spoken of its possible impact with the Earth and the catastrophes that will develop after the crash, however, there is something that is not completely clear to us. Can a planet move at the speed described by the prophets? So far, no scientist can explain this, which is why many people claim that instead of being a celestial body, it is an alien spacecraft.

Nibiru has been called in different ways, e.g. planet X, Hercobulus, Marduk, Wormwood, Kolob and the Destroyer. There are many stories and legends describing Nibiru as a great planet with powerful inhabitants who ruled the Earth in the past. The worrying thing about this is that in all these stories, Nibiru is the one who ends up with everything man has created and with himself.

A medium said that the planet Nibiru does exist and is synonymous with destruction.
The medium Hercílio Maes in 1956 mentioned the existence of a super planet much larger than the Earth. He said that an alien with whom he had had contact for a long time had given him that information and that, in the future, they would come to our planet and destroy everything in their path, just as they had done with other celestial bodies in the universe. Its orbit exerts too powerful a gravitational force and this causes the planet to undergo sudden changes.

If we go to the ancient manuscripts, we will find a biblical text in which it is said that a comet or planet would pass through the earth, would destroy everything built by man and would destroy everything that inhabits our heavenly body. “All the works on earth will burn, will be annihilated.” The same is true of Sumerian stories, all of which predict catastrophes.