Nibiru exists and scientists have discovered its orbit

Nibiru existe y los científicos han descubierto su órbita

Nibiru is in the swan constellation
The existence of Nibiru has been questioned by scientists for many, many years and rumours about this giant planet originate from Sumerian legends, but in the past there was no reliable evidence that it could exist. Many think that Nibiru is a celestial body of enormous size that could destroy the earth in the near future and according to the characteristics provided by the Sumerians, it is quite likely that this will happen. Recently, a group of scientists issued an amazing statement.

The orbits of the planets of our solar system have punctual characteristics, when the orbit of some celestial body changes, it is considered as a sudden transformation and it is immediately presumed that it has been manipulated by external factors, such elements could cause the destruction of the body in a very short time because it has modified the natural way of rotating around its star. Now, how can we explain that there are extrasolar planets with really strange orbits?

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Nibiru is a giant planet with a 90° tilt
Through the Kepler space telescope, around 100 planets have been discovered in 69 solar systems in our universe and Kepler 63b is one of the strangest celestial bodies they have found, not only because of the inclination of its axis, but because it meets the planetary characteristics of planet X or Nibiru. Its orbit is 90°, a right angle of its equator and that is an anomaly that worries the world’s experts, because according to them, no planet lives too long with these characteristics.

The misalignment of this celestial body generates a serious destabilization and causes the planet to move as if it were an asteroid, in this sense, the probabilities of Nibiru increase worryingly, because according to the legend, Nibiru would move through the solar system at an amazing speed, would impact our planet and would destroy it in a few lapses of time.