Nibiru does exist! evidence was found in medieval manuscripts

¿Nibiru si existe? se hallaron pruebas en manuscritos medievales

Astronomical scriptures have a connection to Nibiru
When the Sumerian manuscripts were found and the research teams were able to decipher what they were telling, belief about the existence of planet X or Nibiru began to take hold in the scientific and archaeological community. Legends speak of an extremely giant celestial body, larger than the earth and which, in the early years of the universe’s life, ruled over the inhabitants of the earth. The manuscripts spoke of the fact that in the future, their closeness to our planet would transform everything we know, and even today, these beliefs remain just as strong.

Many scientists have been looking for ways to find enough evidence to prove the existence of planet X, but no matter how much research is done, they never found anything of any weight. At the moment, it seems that the experts have managed to find the nail they were looking for, because in addition to the Sumerian writings, some astronomical manuscripts from the medieval era have valuable information on the characteristics and location of Nibiru.

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You can find Nibiru by studying the path of the comets
If Nibiru existed and moved around the entire solar system at a truly amazing speed, it would generate orbital changes both on the planets and in any existing space object, in this sense, it would be quite useful to study the path of all the comets and asteroids that have transited the universe and for which there is extensive documentation, so if sudden changes in their translation or rotation are observed, experts could determine whether it is the influence of a giant celestial body.

After the experts were able to translate the text of these ancient manuscripts, which were written in ancient English, Irish and Russian, they realized that all the astronomical information that was fully detailed was very valuable, as each object presented sharp alterations. The experts intend to compare this documentation with the current one and it is believed that thanks to it, the exact location of Nibiru can be known.