Nibiru and the Anunnaki gods approach with a great cataclysm


Planet X, Nibiru or Planet 9 exists in our universe
In Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, there is talk of a giant, flaming, powerful and transitional planet that was home to extraterrestrial life. They were searching all over the universe for an ideal planet that would provide them with the necessary elements to save their own. In this sense, there is talk of an intelligent alien race that, according to ancient civilizations, called themselves Anunnaki, and from there begins the story that they found the earth and created humans to serve as their slaves. So far that part of the story is fine, but why are there no records of that great planet?

A planet 10 times larger than the earth is not easily ignored, that is, its large size cannot go unnoticed by scientists, but what if they have tried to hide it all this time so as not to create panic in the world? Let’s remember that the prophetic legend says that Nibiru will impact the earth and destroy it immediately, but if it really crashes, its inhabitants will die like us unless they are immortal, which makes sense, because in Sumerian texts it is said that they ruled our planet for many centuries.

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The human eye does not have the ability to see Nibiru
There is a theory that could answer all our questions about Nibiru. According to the experts, humans can only perceive colors that are within our visible spectrum, this means that there are things that we simply cannot see without the help of a special technology, for example, an infrared light and that is why Nibiru has become an “invisible” planet to us, they have searched for it in the wrong way and without the necessary technology.

In any case, there is no doubt that this planet exists and with it its inhabitants. The conspirators say that the collision between Nibiru and the land will take place as a revenge for the Anunnaki.