Nibiru absorbs solar energy to survive


Nibiru is near and will destroy the earth
The mythical planet Nibiru is still making a name for itself in the scientific community and in conspiracy scholars. Also known as Planet 9, it is a great celestial body 10 times larger than the earth and according to the prophecies found in the first texts of the world, it will reach our solar system and destroy everything we know so far. The NASA scientists claimed that there is a planetary system with similar characteristics to Nibiru, the problem is that they do not confirm that it is indeed the destroyer.

Although the conspirators and scientists say that Nibiru does exist and that it is approaching the earth, while NASA or any other space agency is not going to believe them, nobody is going to believe them and that is regrettable, because Planet X is getting closer and closer with threats of destruction and nobody is doing anything to prevent it. The best proof that this mythical destructive star is found in our solar system was the solar storm that triggered several natural disasters on earth, including earthquakes in Latin America, Asia and the eruption of at least 2 volcanoes in the world.

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Scientist claims Nibiru has a short distance to the sun
While experts are looking for Nibiru in the vicinity of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, it is very likely that the destroyer is too close to the sun to absorb its energy and prevent it from dying in the future, there are even photos and videos of a huge celestial body that comes out of the sun and disappears in a matter of seconds. Perhaps this is the main reason why scientists say that cosmic energy has been gradually decreasing throughout the universe.

It is not known exactly when Nibiru’s impact on the earth will be, but what scientists are sure of is that this celestial body is just a short distance from the earth and that we must be prepared for the worst.