NASA telescopes visualized Nibiru in the vicinity of the sun

Telescopios de la NASA visualizaron a Nibiru en las inmediaciones del sol


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Nibiru is in our solar system.
Since the remains of a Sumerian manuscript were found, many people have believed that there is a giant planet in our universe and although this is not worrying in principle, it is the prophecies of these ancient civilizations that cause fear and alarm in most people. Nibiru is a planet 10 times larger than the earth with an extremely strange orbit and a gravitational force dangerous not only for the earth but for the entire solar system.

Scientists have observed the universe for many years and have never been able to find any celestial body that meets all these characteristics, but during this year there have been a number of anomalies in the solar system quite worrying, not only because of the fact that extra-solar stellar objects appear, but also because of the way in which the orbit of some planets has changed, including that of the earth.

Nibiru was seen around the sun
During the month of April of this year, the NASA Soho and Stereo Science Center telescopes captured a large celestial body orbiting above the sun. The highlight of all this is that unlike the other planets, this one was really giant and flamboyant and cannot be said to be false because the images were taken directly from the official NASA website. The same occurs with one of the video shots of the solar system in which the rotation of all the planets and the presence of a foreign body in it is observed.

The main concern of scientists is that the proximity of Nibiru in our solar system is changing the trajectory of all the planets and that means imminent destruction. In fact, many think that their presence is responsible for the fact that the earth has so many drastic changes in the climate and that continuous earthquakes are originating in different parts of the world.