NASA knows Nibiru exists, but they want to keep it hidden.

La NASA sabe que Nibiru existe pero quieren seguir ocultándolo

Nibiru can no longer be denied by the world’s great powers or by NASA.
For decades, hundreds of researchers and hunters have been talking about the universal truth that Nibiru exists, and not only that, but its orbit at some point in time and space will collide with the earth, bringing about the destruction of our planet and civilization. It is a very uncomfortable truth that according to reports and predictions, NASA has been hiding for many years. Now that the truth has proved impossible to hide, they admit that at the borders of the galaxy there is a planet X, of an unknown orbit and far away from the sun and our Earth. It’s definitely Nibiru.

They have had to divulge this confidential information halfway, not only because they are calculating the date of the collision with the earth, but also because of strong pressure from numerous research organizations that have discovered a lot of data about Nibiru and have made it public for the scientific community to be aware of the danger it faces.

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Nibiru data provided by NASA
Planet 9, as NASA calls it, is actually Nibiru and according to official data is 10 times larger than the earth, and NASA and the different space observation institutes that support it, claim that Planet 9 or Nibiru is outside our galaxy, very close, but outside the known limits on our Milky Way.

The reality is that, although it is distant enough, everything points to the fact that the disaster that this colossus will cause when it crosses the earth’s orbit will be apocalyptic. What is not yet known for sure is how long it will take Nibiru to collide with the earth. In other publications on our website we have shared the predictions of agents of mystical truth who claim that in not too distant times this apocalypse could reach the earth and fulfill prophecies that have millennia written in dead languages that only few have been able to decipher.