Kolbrin’s bible talks about the existence of the planet Nibiru

La biblia de Kolbrin habla sobre la existencia del planeta Nibiru


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The existence of the planet Nibiru and other secrets would be written in Kolbrin’s bible.
Kolbrin’s bible is one of the oldest writings in the world, at least 3,600 years old, contains texts that in the past were banned by the church and many rulers of our planet, however, it is now accessible on the web. Many people wanted to get rid of it but never succeeded.

The details found in this ancient text date back to the time before Adam and Eve and warn of the natural disasters that the earth will suffer in the future, including the arrival of Nibiru and its impact on our planet. The kolbrin bible speaks of the true fallen angels, who were actually sons of God who married the daughters of Adam and Eve, and also contains exact details of Atlantis before it was destroyed for mysterious and conspiratorial reasons.

Kolbrin’s bible speaks of the planet Nibiru

In one of the 11 books of the biblical text, allusion is made to Nibiru. “Once dawn came, all the people saw something impressive. On a black cloud approached the Destroyer, Nibiru, who had been freed from the gates of heaven and had been enraged to finish it all off, for that was the day of judgment. Thousands of stones came out of his mouth, bathed in fire, and a blinding smoke covered the whole sky, removing the borders with the earth.”

The stars that adorned the sky had changed their places, they could no longer be seen as before and that was the sign, because the waters of the planet overflowed, welcoming the floods. The earth separated and the continents suffered abrupt changes, the wind made disasters on the planet along with the whirlwinds and powerful storms that gradually promised to destroy humanity and everything that came out of it.