It could be Nibiru: Information about the extrasolar planet discovered by NASA is leaked.

Podría tratarse de Nibiru: Se filtra información sobre el planeta extrasolar descubierto por la NASA


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NASA discovers extrasolar planet and it looks like it’s Nibiru.
Astronomers and conspiracy fanatics have been spreading information about the possible existence of Nibiru in our universe and its allegations do not seem to be entirely unreasonable, as it was recently discovered that NASA has discovered a giant extrasolar planet, even bigger than the earth and Jupiter and many people claim that it is the mythical planet mentioned in Sumerian legends, Nibiru.

Since the last century it has been mentioned that Nibiru is a giant planet that is in the universe with a really extreme orbit and very different from the rest of the celestial bodies in our solar system. The very proximity of Nibiru to the earth would wreak havoc not only on the Earth’s orbit, but also on its climate, and the catastrophes that would ensue promise to wipe out all life on the planet.

Extrasolar planet discovered by NASA has Nibiru characteristics
Scientists at the Korean Institute of Astronomy and Space Science discovered a giant exoplanet through NASA’s Spitzer telescope. They say it’s 13 times larger than Jupiter and that it fits all the characteristics of Nibiru, but they haven’t been able to reveal all this information to the general public because NASA doesn’t want anyone to know about this finding, much less to prove that it is indeed the X planet that everyone fears.

OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb is the name of this exoplanet, which takes about 3 years to complete the orbit of its star. It is 22,000 light years from our planet and has awakened the terror of experts because of its large size. There are so many controversies with this exoplanet that scientists are seriously doubting whether this is truly a planet. In fact, they maintain that it is home to extraterrestrial beings and that they will soon find the earth and dominate it completely.