Is it possible that NASA is hiding the fact that Nibiru drains the sun’s energy?

Nibiru drena la energía del sol


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If Nibiru drains the sun’s energy, the star could lose its luminosity.
Nibiru, or planet X, is a mythical celestial body and quite famous in science due to the theories of impact with the earth and its relationship with the creation of the human race. There have been many hypotheses that Nibiru approaches the earth so quickly that its impact alone is capable of destroying it and destroying all the life here. Now, although NASA has denied these claims, Claudia Albers, a renowned scientist, claims that the agency is hiding the existence of planet X from us and that it has been draining the sun’s energy.

Dr. Albers has reached that conclusion thanks to the images provided by the NASA and ESA space probe called SOHO, in which several spheres can be seen around the sun and although she told NASA that it was only a technical failure in the probe chamber, Albers is convinced that they are stars of a dead star system that has gradually managed to get closer to the sun and absorb its energy quickly. This would mean the end of our star, because it would lose the light that characterizes it and would leave the universe without natural light.

The scientist asked for access to NASA’s cameras to observe the sun and the possible approach to the planet Nibiru.
According to Albers, if there is nothing really close to the sun and it is only a technical failure in the probe’s camera, NASA should agree to broadcast a live video of the sun, so that everyone can see that there is nothing wrong with the star and that it is only the scientist’s guess, However, the agency has emphatically denied this fact and reiterates its position on the denial of the existence of Nibiru or any exoplanet that, according to several scientists and conspirators, could impact the earth and eliminate living beings from the planet.