Has the existence of Planet Nibiru just been confirmed?

Urgent! The existence of Planet X has just been confirmed.

Astronomers have just confirmed the farthest celestial body ever seen. It would be the first object within the Solar System that has been detected at a distance 100 times farther than the Earth is from the Sun. It is the enigmatic Planet X, the mysterious celestial body with a mysterious orbit and which many astronomers denied its existence, calling it fantasy and ridiculous. Now it is time to study the possible risks that it could represent at such a distance.

The existence of Planet Nibiru is confirmed at a much greater distance from the Earth to the Sun.
A few hours ago, the discovery of 2018 VG18, popularly known as Planet X, was announced thanks to Scott S. Sheppard of Carnegie, Chad Trujillo of Arizona and David Tholen of Hawaii. The nickname they have given him is “Faraout”, due to the immense distance in which he is in comparison of the Earth with the Sun.

The existence of Planet X has just been confirmed.

The discovery was made thanks to the constant search for distant objects within the Solar System, this being often the object of ridicule, as conservatives claimed that planet X was only an urban legend. But let us remember that a few months ago, the discovery of The Goblin, a distant object that possessed an altered orbit due to “something” invisible massive.

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What is the orbit of Planet Nibiru?
Although the orbit of this new planet is not yet really known, the next objective is to determine it in order to confirm, once and for all, the existence of this mysterious object that has been debated for centuries. Planet X

In the words of its discoverers, 2018 VG18 is far away from any other object ever found in the Solar System, so it will take years to discover its entire orbit. However, it is located in an area close to the other objects found in the distance of the System, so it is suggested that its orbit could be similar. In short, the rest of the smaller objects found could have seen their orbit affected by this massive planet.

The only thing we currently know is its distance, but due to its slowness, it could take about a thousand years to circle the Sun.

The images of this grandiose and, at the same time, worrying discovery were captured thanks to the Japanese-made telescope, Subaru, which measures 8 meters and is located in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, on November 10. However, until today it could be determined that it really was a planet.