Has NASA found Nibiru?

Has NASA found Nibiru?


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Nibiru is close to our solar system.
Although there are many skeptics who never claim to believe in the existence of a great heavenly body superior to the earth and with highly intelligent inhabitants, this is something that cannot be denied, especially when there is ancient evidence to prove this fact. We are talking about the Sumerian texts, totally ancient manuscripts that reveal that humans are not the only intelligent species in the universe and that, in fact, we are descendants of beings belonging to a magnificent and regrettably destructive planetary system.

Nibiru is described as a super planet at least 10 times larger than our celestial body and with a rather curious elliptical orbit, the problem is that its mere proximity could destabilize not only the earth, but all the planets of the solar system and that is synonymous with destruction. Sumerian manuscripts predict that Nibiru will return to the Milky Way, but this time he will not create new spices or extract minerals to save himself, but will impact the earth and destroy it completely.

Scientists never believed this was possible, not until recently, at least, NASA issued an important statement claiming to have discovered and giant planet with the characteristics of Nibiru.

Nibiru is responsible for the catastrophes on earth
According to NASA experts, there is a giant celestial body in the vicinity of our solar system and it could be detected by a special telescope that has infrared lights, this is consistent with Nibiru’s descriptions because it is said that “the destroyer” cannot be seen by the human eye unless there is special technology to detect the energy of the star object.

This discovery is important and dangerous, because even if NASA does not really confirm that it is Nibiru, the conspirators are convinced and now want to warn everyone, because it is only a matter of time before the end of the world comes and everything is destroyed, including humans.