Experts talk about Nibiru “The Super Earth” near Neptune

Expertos hablan de Nibiru

Scientists say Nibiru exists and is somewhere in the universe
The conspirators, prophets and astronomers have been predicting the existence of a ninth planet, which has characteristics very similar to Nibiru, the celestial body that, according to the Sumerians, was inhabited by the extraterrestrial beings who created humans and ruled the earth for many, many years. It is said that if Nibiru is in our universe, its gravitational force would cause all the planets to undergo sudden changes in their orbits and that would generate catastrophes on earth. Recently some scientists have stated that there is a large unknown star object in the solar system.

2015 BP519 is a trans-Neptunian object that has been studied from the moment it was discovered, however, experts analyzed its orbit and claimed that it has changed suddenly and at first they did not know what caused this strange anomaly, but after many observations and consultations, they came to the conclusion that a ninth planet is coming into our solar system and altering everything that has been known so far.

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The universe would change with the arrival of Nibiru
The staff studying BP519, Dark Energy Survey, used simulations to determine the complete change in the exoplanet’s orbit. The studies in which they alluded to a solar system with 8 planets did not find the current movement of the planet, it was when they included a ninth celestial body that the calculations were correct, in this sense, the scientists issued a statement to alert the astronomical community about the existence of planet 9.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that an extrasolar asteroid has entered our solar system and is orbiting Jupiter. These anomalies can only mean that there are extra-solar bodies entering our universe due to the magnetism of a large planet, one 10 times larger than the earth and these characteristics are exactly the same as those of Nibiru.