Dr. Albers: Nibiru could wipe out solar energy and NASA doesn’t want to admit it.

Dra. Albers: Nibiru podría acabar con la energía solar y la NASA no quiere admitirlo

NASA denies it, but Nibiru may end up with the sun.
The issues concerning planet X, better known as Nibiru, have been a trend in recent weeks and it is no wonder, as most people have the faithful belief that it will impact the earth and totally destroy it. According to research, Nibiru was a planet that existed billions of years ago in our solar system, home to the extraterrestrial civilization that, according to many ufologists, created humans and was later destroyed by a mysterious explosion.

Albers now claims that Nibiru was not destroyed, its inhabitants kept it hidden with truly advanced technology and it is now very close to the sun, draining its energy. For Albers, this is something extremely risky and delicate not only for humans and our planet, but for the entire solar system. If Nibiru stays in the vicinity of the sun any longer, it could kill the star’s luminosity and leave the universe in complete darkness.

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NASA denies that the alien civilization of the planet Nibiru lived on our planet and will soon destroy it.
On the other hand, not only should we be frightened by the darkness that will embrace the universe in the near future, but we are also waiting for planet X itself to impact the earth in June 2018. NASA scientists have denied this hypothesis by Dr. Albers and argue that: “There is no evidence to prove that Nibiru existed, exists or will possibly come to exist. If there is actually a super planet in our galaxy that is approaching our planet at an alarming speed, we don’t need telescopes to see it, we would all do it just by looking at the sky.

However, more and more people are supporting Albers’ theories and believe that NASA is hiding valuable information from us, both about our history and about the disasters that are unleashed in our future.

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