Do you know what the impact of the planet Nibiru will be on the earth? Netflix explains it to you


The planet Nibiru is nearby and Netflix tells you how to act
Theories about the end of the world are dominating the social networks and it is not for nothing, because in addition to the prophecies that warn of a war between world powers and natural disasters, a group of conspirators alleges that planet X, better known as Nibiru, is about to crash into the earth and that such an impact would not only cause chaos, but could actually end all life on earth. Faced with this, Netflix tells you how to act in the face of the possible cataclysm by watching the films related to the end of the world.

If Nibiru impacts planet earth, Netflix gives you advice with his films
NASA has repeatedly denied that the end of the world is near, and continues to deny the existence of the planet Nibiru. For them, there is no giant heavenly body and it is not close to the earth either, if that is the case, we could all see it, however, people are not satisfied with the agency’s statements and still believe that the planet on which the mythical Annunakis live will destroy the earth.

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In the same way, there are some experts and ufologists studying all the possibilities in which this situation may arise in the world. Netflix has recommended to all its subscribers to see all the movies related to the end of the world and the possible cataclysms that would cause it, for that reason, they detailed a list with the best 15 movies of that category, this way you will not only be able to distract your mind, but also provide you with enough information to do your own research about the end of our planet. This is the list of the best movies about the destruction of the planet:

Deep impact
The day after tomorrow
The last prophecy
This is the end
The Last Night of Humanity
The core
Resident evil 4
Deep in the forest
An infernal couple