Bloody moon is a clear sign that Nibiru is near.

Bloody moon is a clear sign that Nibiru is near.


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Nibiru will destroy the earth and the red moon will prove it.
It is said that planet X will be responsible for the end of the earth, this is believed since the Sumerian texts were found, one of the oldest in the world. The Sumerians believed that Nibiru, home planet of the Anunnaki, would return and this time not to conquer the land again, but to destroy it. It is believed that the impact will be so catastrophic that the earth will change completely, separating continents by natural disasters and wiping out human, animal and plant life forever. The evidence that this will happen is found in the spatial disturbances and their impact on the earth.

It also takes into account the fact that giant planets have been found that meet the characteristics of Nibiru and are increasingly closer, even NASA revealed that in the vicinity of Jupiter was a planet 10 times larger than ours and increased fear in people. On the other hand, there is also the hypothesis that Nibiru is actually close to the sun and therefore generates so much chaos on earth since 2017. Perhaps that’s why the moon will turn red on July 27, to warn us that Nibiru is going to hit us sooner than we think.

Nibiru will end life on earth
The bloody moon is part of a biblical prophecy in which the end of the world is predicted by different disasters, this can be directly related to the impact of Nibiru because according to ancient texts, planet X is going to unleash from earthquakes to tsunamis all over the world, taking the lives of thousands of people and destabilizing the earth.

In this sense, the red moon represents a signal for us to prepare ourselves because the end is near. Without a doubt, 2018 is the year with the most prophecies of catastrophes, whether due to natural or chemical reasons.