Asteroid heading for Earth? Some people think it’s about Nibiru.

Asteroid heading for Earth? Some people think it's about Nibiru.

Nibiru is approaching our planet at maximum speed.
The end of the earth is near, there have been too many events around our planet that prove to us that we are going to die and we are not simply talking about UFO sightings or the supposed abductions, we are referring to the warlike conflicts, to the possible third world war that will be unleashed, to the natural disasters that have claimed hundreds of lives and to human behaviour in the face of these situations. Every event is a proof that the earth will not endure much and there are different theories explaining the true way it will end.

The conspiracy fanatics, for example, speak of a possible impact of a giant celestial body on the earth, some say it is a comet, others say that Nibiru has returned to our solar system and that now it will destroy everything in its path, just as it did with Mars millions of years ago. History says that Nibiru is a destructive planet with the ability to move around the entire universe, but where it is, there is death, destruction, chaos.

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The planet Nibiru is going to end life on earth
NASA is covering up the existence of Nibiru so as not to alarm the world, that’s why they have said that an asteroid will soon pass very close to the earth and all the astronomers are getting ready, but in reality it is not just any star object, it is planet X. The signs that the “Destroyer” was nearby began during 2018 with the solar storm and earthquakes in Mexico, then intensified with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Many fear that the future of the earth is only destruction and death and that humanity will be annihilated, because if Nibiru really collides with the earth, there is no one who can survive, not even with the greatest technology on the planet could prevent the end of the world.