Ancient manuscripts verify the existence of Nibiru

Manuscritos antiguos verifican la existencia de Nibiru

Nibiru exists and the Anglo-Saxon manuscripts confirm it.
Scientists have evaluated all the means at their disposal to verify the existence of planet X. Nibiru has been taken by NASA experts as a mythical planet, since only in Sumerian writings could it be evidenced that it existed at the time. In fact, they mention that it is a planet much bigger than the earth and that the beings who created the humans live there and the prophecies say that he will be responsible for the end of the world.

Some conspiracy theorists have found Anglo-Saxon manuscripts that may have necessary evidence to verify the existence of Nibiru and claim that it lies beyond Pluto and Neptune. These declarations could be found thanks to some Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in which the passage of comets was narrated and which, in some way, could be used to have at least an estimate of the location coordinates of the celestial body.

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The manuscripts have records of comets and the possible location of Nibiru
A medieval historian and an astronomer are responsible for translating Anglo-Saxon writings and giving meaning to the narrative. In their study, they were able to mix the records of comets and meteorites described by the Anglo-Saxons with the icy bodies provided by NASA and other space agencies, so that they can get at least something valid that proves that Nibiru was never part of Sumerian mythology, but actually exists.

This is not to say that the end of the world is near or that extraterrestrials live inside planet X, but the mere fact of being able to prove their existence would be a firm step and a mark in history. After that, in-depth studies would begin to determine its distance from the Earth, its axis, its translation and whether there is life on it. On the other hand, in addition to these manuscripts and the Sumerian scrolls, there are testimonies from other scientists, so it is quite possible that the answers will come to light very soon.