An asteroid could reveal the location of the planet Nibiru in the Universe.

Un asteroide podría revelar la ubicación del planeta Nibiru en el Universo


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They found evidence of the existence of the planet Nibiru in the Universe through an enigmatic asteroid.

The existence of the planet Nibiru has been discussed for many years, because the only evidence that can be taken to verify that this heavenly body is in our universe are the Sumerian writings and some ancient prophecies of renowned people. At present, the route taken by asteroid 2015 BP519 is in dispute, since when it reaches Neptune’s orbit, it undergoes an unusual transformation and scientists believe that it could be planet 9, which is located there.

According to Sumerian legends, Nibiru is a planet that surpasses the earth in mass, being at least 10 times larger than our celestial body, that size is disconcerting and could be noticed anywhere in the universe with any telescope, that is what scientists claim that they do not believe that planet X really exists, but then, with the studies conducted on asteroid 2015 BP519 all the beliefs of experts could change.

Asteroid 2015 BP519 would prove the existence of the planet Nibiru in the Universe
Both the asteroid and the rest of the objects in space that pass through Neptune’s orbit undergo sudden changes, either in their morphology or in their trajectory. It is as if when they pass near that planet, something prevents them from continuing in a straight line, they impact and change their direction. These behaviors have been around for some time but no one had paid more attention to them.

This is extremely important, because if scientists can discover what is hidden in Neptune’s orbit and get proof that it is Nibiru, history will change radically. All the prophecies could make sense and, in turn, they would begin the relevant investigations to know everything about this planet. So far, experts believe it is Nibiru and hope that they can gather enough information over the past few months.