All this time the Vatican knew about the existence of Nibiru

Todo este tiempo el Vaticano sabía sobre la existencia de Nibiru


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Nibiru does exist and the Vatican finally confirms it.
The Vatican is the institution with the most kept secrets in history, in fact one of the largest libraries in the world is located right in the Holy See and it is there that writings dating from the 8th century are kept. The curious thing about this is that it is only Pope and his authorized personnel have access to these classified files, and it is believed that there is sufficient evidence to certify the existence of Nibiru, extraterrestrial beings and the end of the world.

It was from the Roswell incident that the Vatican was the subject of much criticism for its silence regarding the alien ship found in the United States and the pile of alien bodies found in the vicinity. Shortly after, Pope Pius created an intelligence system and his own Observatory with a special telescope in Arizona, which has a special infrared technology, because only with it could capture any ufological phenomenon. Once this information was filtered, all the unlimited access cameras were stripped of this innovative system. Coincidence?

The Vatican knew of Nibiru’s existence and didn’t want to reveal that information.
At first, the Vatican had created the Siloam project in conjunction with some US forces, so that they could carry out a mission in space whose objective was based on the search for the mythical planet narrated by the Sumerians, Nibiru. When the first part of that mission was completed and the great planet was photographed, the probe sent into space approached the Earth again.

In 1997 some of this information was leaked into the book of the Jesuit Malachi Martin, who revealed 2 secrets of Fatima. In his book, Martin warned of the disasters that would occur on earth due to the proximity of Nibiru, however, two years later the priest died mysteriously and many believe that the Vatican silenced him.