All the scientists who believed in Nibiru died; is it by any chance?



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Almost every scientist who was a believer on the planet Nibiru has died, isn’t that suspicious?

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Sumerian tablets and scientific evidence prove the existence of Nibiru, but researchers who have proven it have died.

Over the centuries, many scholars have devoted their time to studying the end of the world. Renowned personalities like Isaac Newton have even managed to give a date to the Apocalypse. But a few years ago a discovery left scientists speechless, or rather, Sumerian tablets were found warning the world of the arrival of Nibiru, a planet whose orbit would cross with ours. If this is true, when Planet X approaches, it will impact Earth, unleashing the Apocalypse. NASA has denied the existence of Nibiru in recent days, but all the scientists who defended the hypothesis that Planet X was a true celestial body have died.

Suspected deaths related to believers of influence on the planet Nibiru
Deaths at the South Pole
The South Pole is the best place to observe Nibiru. Rodney Marks was a 32-year-old doctor working at the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and the South Pole Amundsen-Scott Remote Observatory. The astrophysicist died suddenly in 2000 from a station collapse. The body was autopsied only 6 months after the death, which occurred as a result of the poisoning. The coroner who performed the autopsy mysteriously disappeared in 2006, leaving no trace. Could this be related in any way to the cover-up operations orchestrated by NASA and devised by numerous conspiracy theorists?

webRobert Herrington, was a supervising astronomer at the US Naval Observatory.

He claimed to have found evidence of the existence of Nibiru by observing the movement of Uranus and Neptune and their satellites. But in 1992 data collected by Voyager 2 refuted Herrington’s theory that he only died of cancer the following year. Members of the Nibiru Cataclysm movement wonder if all these deaths are connected in some way and whether they have anything to do with the alleged NASA-orchestrated cover-up operations. But the Space Agencies, in the last few hours, are facing a much bigger problem than Planet X, which is the one that sees the Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 fall out of control towards Earth. This means that scientists do not know where the satellite will impact on the ground. As always when we talk about this news, it is up to you to choose what you believe in, remembering that you must never give in to useless scaremongering. The comments are yours.