The most preserved dinosaur’s fossil was found in Canada


A machinist from a mine in Mexico City has found a prehistoric fossil that has left many researchers amazed, this finding made on march 21th, 2011 has been called the Holy Grail for paleontology.

This machine operator was digging when he found something that was harder than a conventional rock, the machinist Mike Gratton was stirring brown rocks when he unexpectedly realized that one of the rocks was more resistant than it usually is, it was then when they suspected about the possibility of having found a prehistoric being. They immediately made the decision to get in touch with the archaeologists.

When paleontologists arrived at the place, they were able to quickly identify that the fossil belonged to a dinosaur. They tried to remove it carefully during long shifts of 12 hours. Parts of the dinosaur were taken to the museum where they were all assembled; paleontologists quickly knew they had found something very transcendent.

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It isn’t usual for paleontologists to find dinosaurs with this level of conservation, they usually only find bones or teeth, but this time the fossil was found perfectly preserved, containing its skin in perfect condition.

These fossils have caused a real uproar in the world of paleontology, due to the incredible state of conservation. The fossil found (unlike ankylosaurus or nodosaurus) had no lateral tail, but it had a spiny scale all over the body. It’s estimated that they lived in Canada between 110 million and 112 million years ago in the middle of the Cretaceous period. For scientists, the dinosaur was undoubtedly an herbivore.