The largest earthquake in history and the one that is approaching

El Terremoto más grande de la historia y el que se aproxima

The Earth’s crust is formed by tectonic plates that are in continuous motion. But these displacements are imperceptible and slow, when the flow is obstructed, energy accumulates in large quantities and ends up being released when sudden movements of the plates occur, causing the earthquake.

Believe it or not, our planet experiences tremors millions of times, but of low magnitude according to the National Geographic Institute. Throughout history, there have been countless earthquakes, leaving indelible traces in people’s memories. These are then the most intense to date.

Chile’s most deadly earthquake in history

One of the most intense earthquakes that affected Chile, May 22, 1960, was the day of that greatest catastrophe in the world that the southern cone of America has perceived. With a magnitude of at least 9.5 degrees, 1700 people died and 4000 were injured, 3,000,000 were killed in their homes. It also caused damage in Japan, Hawaii, the Philippines, the United States and New Zealand.

Other more intense earthquakes to date:

Shaanxi China

This earthquake was not of great intensity but it was classified as the deadliest in history. This event occurred on January 23, 1556, in the city of Shaanxi, with a duration of 4 minutes, which left more than 800,000 people dead. At least 96 cities were affected by the earthquake. The magnitude was 8.0 on the Richter scale, the fifth largest number of deaths in natural disasters.


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That August 13, 1868, also known as the “Earthquake of Africa”, caused the death of more than 500 Peruvians. With a magnitude of 9.0, causing a tsunami with large waves 20 meters high. Those affected areas received help three weeks after the natural disaster. The most affected city was Arica, which was completely destroyed.


On September 7, an earthquake of great magnitude of 8.2 degrees occurred in Mexico, reaching an intensity greater than that of the earthquake that occurred in 1985.


On Good Friday, 1964, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.2 struck Alaska, and caused a great tsunami with large waves of 5 meters high, lasting at least 4 minutes, called the Alaska Earthquake, is considered the most powerful of natural disasters. It is said that 2000,000 kilometers of the surface of the entire Earth’s crust was deformed by the earthquake. A side effect shook solid and liquid collapsing cliffs made of clay, taking homes with them.


In 2004, an earthquake of 9.1 degrees occurred, at least 14 countries were affected. 230,000 people lost their lives or disappeared. Its duration was the longest ever recorded to date, at least 10 minutes, and it was great for the planet to vibrate an inch.

Studies reveal where and when the next earthquake will occur
Scientific studies by French and Chilean scientists have revealed where the next earthquake of at least 8.2 degrees will occur. It is believed that the natural phenomenon will happen in Chile, precisely where the great earthquake of history has been recorded. The earthquake would be in Santiago de Chile, the epicenter of the city of Valparaiso, a couple of kilometers from the capital.

Seismologists are investigating to find the next earthquake in history.